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Concrete Repair Services


Repair Reccomendations

Concrete repair procedures can vary depending on the type of structure and the deterioration mechanisms at play. Voss Laboratories can assist with repair strategy, material selection, and common mistakes to avoid.

Repair Specification Development

Concrete repair specifications are an important part of ensuring success during your repair project. Specifications detail which areas to repair, the materials to be used, and the procedures for all steps of the repair process. Most importantly, they communicate your requirements in a clear and concise manner to repair contractors.

On-Site Engineering and Testing

Voss Labs provides on-site engineering support and quality assurance services. Pull-off testing of prepared surfaces and repaired areas (ASTM C1583) is an effective way to measure the durability of a repair. VL engineers typically perform this test on the prepared substrate (before repair material) and after the repair has been performed. All engineers are ICRI certified. 

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